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Our expert team is eager to help you create a distinctive website that perfectly represents your brand. offers a professional website building service that simplifies the creation of your site. Here’s a summary of what the service includes:

Professional Design Service: A professional will craft layouts for up to five pages of your website, ensuring a high-quality, professional look.

Fee Structure: The service involves a one-time design fee, along with the purchase of the Premium plan.

Three Simple Steps to Your New Site:

  1. Submit Business Information: You can provide details about your business, including social media profiles.
  2. Design and Page Selection: Choose your desired design and specify the pages you need. If unsure, the WodoPress team can assist in selecting the most suitable design for you.
  3. Content Submission: Provide the content for your new website. You’ll have the flexibility to edit this later using the WordPress editor.

Quick Turnaround: Your site will be ready to go live in 7 business days or less, allowing you to share your new online presence swiftly.

This service is a great solution for those who want a professionally designed website without the hassle of building it themselves. The team at WodoPress ensures a streamlined process, from initial design to final launch.